Entera presented at ASBMR in Austin Texas

September 2022 - Entera presented " A Six month Phase 2 Study of Oral PTH (EBP05/EB613) in Postmenopausal Women with Low Bone Mass Dose Proportional Absorption and Effect on Lumbar Spine BMD " at the annual meeting of ASBMR (The American Society of Bone and Mineral Research) in Austin, Texas. Teriparatide hPTH 1 34 for injection Forteo ® is an osteoanabolic treatment that has been shown to reduce the risk of vertebral fractures by 65 to 80 Injections deter many older osteoporotic patients from either starting or continuing the drug, contributing to the treatment gap in high risk patients An oral formulation of hPTH 1 34 ))( with adequate bioavailability, and similar safety and effects on BMD may address this unmet clinical need Entera Bio is developing oral hPTH 1- 34 formulation (EBP 05 EB 613 as the first potential osteoanabolic agent to treat osteoporosis.